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To the Editor:

Go outside. Find your fave tree and look at it. Take a deep breath. The tree you are looking at is letting you take that deep Breath. Trees take in CO2 and let it back out as oxygen. Now, take a good look at your tree.

Does it have dead branches? Garbage stuck in it? Is it wilting? Guess what? You can help that tree. Clip dead branches, throw garbage away, and water it.

If a baby tree is dry, see if you can move it. Follow these instructions carefully for a happy, healthy move:

First, dig two feet away from the trunk. Gently remove it from the hole. Dig a hole in its new home. Put it in and fill it up. Note: Fill it up with black new dirt, not from its old home.

You can also plant a tree because millions are being cut down per year.

Clare Danner, age 9

Flat Swamp Road, Newtown June 11, 2021

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