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Newtown Parks & Recreation Summer Updates



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With new guidelines and the assistance of Newtown’s Health Director Donna Culbert, Newtown Parks & Recreation announces the following updates to Summer Day Camp and pool/beach memberships this summer season 2021.

For Beach and Pool Memberships: Patrons no longer need to make a reservation. When visiting Treadwell Pool, members are asked to arrive in their bathing attire, ready to shower off to swim, and to leave through the main entrance to avoid time spent in the locker rooms.

For Day Camp: Campers outdoors are not required to wear masks. Masks will need to be worn anytime a camper is indoors or in an enclosed place such as a bathroom or bus.

The Extended Day program will be offered this summer with an 8 am drop off and up to 6 pm for pickup.

Day Camp Enrichment: Camp dates are from June 28 to August 6. Parks & Recreation brings in outside programming to foster education and hands-on learning in a fun and exciting way. This summer, the following programs will be coming to camp:

*Hobby Quest, whose mission statement is that they are committed to providing high-quality enrichment programs to help youth in any community discover new hobbies, interests, and skills for a lifetime;

*Dayrock, an interactive musical enrichment experience unlike any other! Every camper will experience a performance of their favorite popular songs using professional musical equipment. By rotating around the bandstand, each camper gets an opportunity to play a variety of instruments;

*Bring the Hoopla will provide high-quality programming for children of all ages by using custom-designed Hoopla hoops as a form of play, exercise, and learning. They teach basic instruction, a variety of age-appropriate hoop games, and on- and off-body hoop tricks and techniques. It is a welcoming environment where creativity and self-expression are embraced, building self-confidence through positive activity, creativity, and teamwork;

*Mad Science Rocket show, a science-related program that provides an introduction to how rockets fly; and

*World Class Frisbee Shows and interactive playshop. Todd Brodeur entertains, educates, and motivates campers, promoting healthy, active living through the show with quick messages and skills that improve hand-eye coordination, flexibility, and balance, along with self-esteem and confidence.

Library Lit Camp at Dickinson Park: Staff from the C.H. Booth Public Library will provide staffing for Library Lit Camp once a week, from 9 am to 3 pm, for Newtown Parks & Recreation summer campers at Dickinson Park. Staff will bring a wide selection of library materials to camp each week, representing varying reading levels, genres, and formats for children ages 5 to 13. Each student will have the opportunity to write their thoughts about the books shared with the group or the book they selected to read independently. Younger students may choose to draw their response.

Booth Library Children’s Concert Series for Dickinson Camp: Tuesdays at 2 pm. These concerts are open to the public, and campers will be able to attend.

Second Step for Treadwell Camp: Second Step is a set of social-emotional learning programs that equip children with important skills to help them improve their confidence and navigate the world. The skills taught within the Second Step Out-of-School Time program will improve interpersonal and decision-making skills, as well as the ability to work with others using emotional intelligence.

Parks & Recreation will also offer trips to Quassy Amusement Park, Middlebury, on July 2 and July 30, for $40 per camper.

For more information call 203-270-4340 or go to www.newtown-ct.gov/parks-recreation.

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