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Is The Sky Falling?



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To the Editor,

What benefit is there from catastrophizing? Polling shows voters want collaboration, yet this divisive tactic seems more common locally the past few years with a few motivated individuals continuing to spread misinformation even after facts are presented, persisting in portraying issues from a sensationalized perspective.

In this case they suggest the First Selectman may be doing something underhanded. Is there some imminent crisis around 6 Commerce? As has been acknowledged elsewhere, the Town has fielded inquiries for 18+ years, but nothing has ever happened. These individuals know full well that no proposal has been brought to the boards that would initiate the democratic process prescribed in Chapter 8 of our Charter, a process which provides for ample public input on any action and requires the approvals of several boards, which would take months and hinge on bipartisan agreement. Does anyone think there is any political will for that? (Our current boards could not even reach a consensus regarding a program to identify those dodging local taxes!)

The Town has a responsibility to consider all opportunities which may offer a benefit to the community and act to strike the right balance. Options are kept open and people do their due diligence. No one knows if any hypothetical proposal would even get zoning and wetlands approvals and any declarations would be presumptuous.

While much of this predates this First Selectman, it has been laid at his feet as if he had unilateral powers to just sell off the town. As a former Council member, I know that is incorrect, but the narrative persists. Why? Some of these same characters have used these tactics against Rep Mitch Bolinsky over what was bipartisan work. We watched another good person maligned in similar fashion two years ago in then BOE Chair Deb Zukowski. It makes many people question if there is some other motive afoot.

Given the dueling pressures of the housing crisis and the desire to preserve open space, there is a nuanced conversation to have about development, and The Bee can be a great forum for that! However, there is no room for that important dialogue when people are constantly made to feel as if the sky is falling.

Thank you,

Ryan Knapp

Sandy Hook

A letter from Ryan Knapp.
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  1. qstorm says:

    Where is there a housing crisis in Newtown?

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