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Response to Dr Magnan



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To the Editor:

In his recent letter, “A Problem Needs To Be Carefully Defined,” Dr Magnan blames “the human distorted behavior of the shooters” on violent TV and games, lack of a father to nurture and guide them and abortion rights.

He said, “all of the shooters grew up in a social culture that seeks to achieve radical goals.” On what studies is this based? What makes these 200 shooters different from the millions of other children who grew up in the same social culture? How many fatherless homes raise perfectly fine children?

He proposes “effective thinking skills programs,” which are taught in other countries. His letter raises many questions in my mind. Is the US the only country with this degree of violent media or the only country without these classes?

Since 1973 annual abortion rates have held steady or declined considerably. How do you explain the fact that in those same years, mass shootings have increased? If those women had not had abortions, would there be more fatherless homes? I too agree that effective thinking programs would be beneficial.

However, how would you address a student with a potential behavioral problem? Put it on their record? Isn’t that more “big brother” watching?

Blaming the shooter or the gun is a two-sided coin.

Guns don’t kill people any more than a tractor plows a farmer’s field. Both are tools which are used to achieve a purpose. The tractor increases a farmer’s productivity, enabling him to feed multiple families.

A gun is a tool whose only purpose is to kill and increases a shooter’s ability to kill. Yet we continue to legally put killing tools in the hands of anyone who wants one without questioning their need for that tool or verifying their mental stability.

I am left with a lot of questions that I believe require answers before we can define the solution. Meanwhile, limiting access to guns is a small step, but doing nothing will change nothing.

Toni Cargill

Sandy Hook

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  1. qstorm says:

    A gun is a tool that increases a person’s ability to defend his family and himself (or herself). There is no legislative solution that can limit a criminal’s ability to get a firearm.

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