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Girl Scouts Awarded Bronze Award For Their Support Of The C.H. Booth Library



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Girl Scout Troop 50838 is showing support for the C.H. Booth Library by encouraging their community to donate and explore what the building has to offer.

Fifth graders Paige Kishner, Zoey Laudadio, Piper Symes, Charlotte Kerby and Karoline Cash dedicated 20 hours of work to the project, not including prior research. Their main goal was to “help the local community,” explained Kishner.

Putting their idea into motion, the scouts started by reaching out to the library, The Newtown Bee, and Edmond Town Hall for collaboration. After cementing their plan, they created a video advertisement showcasing various rooms of the building. These included art collections, history galleries and book sections for readers of all ages.

“Come on, let’s go to the Maker’s Space,” declared Kerby in the video.

The Maker’s Space, formally known as the chbMAKERS’ Corner, is where the group spent most of their time working on this project.

The library’s resources have been serving Newtown since it opened in 1932. Its rooms not only contain books and project materials, but also hold events for the community to attend.

To spread the importance of this historical library, Edmond Town Hall will feature the troop’s advertisement from July 12 to July 14 at free viewings of the movie Ruby Gilman, Teenage Kraken. Flyers designed by the team are also posted throughout Newtown.

The advertisement can be viewed at youtube.com/@leahsterry9553. A link to donate can be found on the website of Friends for the C.H. Booth Library at boothbooksale.org. The organization will continue accepting donations to support the library.

After completing and presenting an essay to the Service Unit of the Girl Scouts of Connecticut, each individual will be honored with the Bronze Award this September. This prestigious award acknowledges the scouts for their teamwork, contributions to the community and completion of a Junior Journey.


Intern Claire Baranovic may be contacted through editor@thebee.com.

Girl Scouts Paige Kishner, Zoey Laudadio (shown in the printed photograph), Piper Symes, Charlotte Kerby and Karoline Cash outside the C.H. Booth Library —Bee Photo, Baranovic
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