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Misunderstandings Are Rife



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To the Editor:

A no doubt well-intentioned reader wrote to say (The Letter Hive, June 14) that the conviction of Donald Trump on 34 counts of felony must be a “sham” because during the Trump administration, inflation, commodity prices and interest rates were all lower than they are today. Leaving aside the stunning gap in logic, I might respectfully point out that the macroeconomic trends he mentions are determined by forces not in the control of the US president, whoever he or she is. I’m afraid that this kind of misunderstanding is rife today.


Eric J. Evans

Sandy Hook

A letter from Eric J. Evans.
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  1. qstorm says:

    Biden’s day 1 war on oil and gas as well as coal has led directly to higher costs of goods and transportation – that get passed down to consumers. This lead to begging Saudi Arabia for increased output and raiding the national oil reserve.

  2. ryan knapp says:

    “Gas prices have come down nearly 20 cents in the last two months, but we know there is more to do. This release will help lower prices at the pump, building on other actions by President Biden” said National Economic Advisor Lael Brainard today (7/2)… why should the President take credit for these actions, but be absolved of blame for the inflationary results of printing trillions of dollars out of thin air?

  3. phydeaux says:

    DJT is not “guilty” of anything until the judge sentences and bangs the gavel. Drill baby, drill.

  4. scl120 says:

    Talk about “misunderstandings”! The author, Mr.Evans, misconstrued the whole premise of my editorial.
    I stated that the Democrats have chosen to resort to sham trials of their political opponent because they are losing on the most important issues of the day ( see the comments above.) I then listed five reasons why this trial, in particular, was a sham trial. When you reread the entirety of my letter you will see the logic of my arguments.

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