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50th Anniversary Rooster Run Features Strong Sibling 5K Finish And A Newtown Win In 10K



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The 50th Annual Newtown Rooster Run races, held at Fairfield Hills on June 15, had a family feel as always, especially at the front of the pack in the 5K race. The Wallingford sibling tandem of Elizabeth and Stephen Fengler led the way with Elizabeth winning the race in a time of 18:48, followed by Stephen in 18:50.

“We motivated each other,” Elizabeth said.

“We kept a good pace,” her brother added.

The top two runners in the 10K were from Newtown as Ethan Correira won in 38:10 and Curtis Shaw took second in 38:57. Encouragement came into play in the 10K with Easton’s Lauren Wheatley getting friend Peter Detrik of Fairfield to run the 10K after doing 5Ks in previous years.

Wheatley was joined by two of her children, Ryan and Morgan. “It’s been interesting watching them train. One has not run outside yet,” said Wheatley just before the race, referring to Ryan, who put his treadmill training to the test then passed with flying colors with a third-place 10K finish in a time of 40:31.

In the 5K, Danbury’s Kaitlyn Segreti was third in 19:16, followed by the fastest finisher from town as Jake Gonski of Sandy Hook placed fourth in 19:36. Newtown runners Cody Gotthardt (19:39) and Sergio DaCosta (19:55) claimed fifth and sixth place. Carson Uber of Singapore was seventh in 20:02, Katherine Fan of Easton placed eighth in 20:08, Camilio Barrera of Beacon Falls was ninth in 20:15, and Daniel Pond of Sandy Hook rounded out the top ten with a time of 20:23.

In the 10K, Nicolas Stockwell of Sandy Hook came in fourth in 40:53, Peter Pazik of Wallingford was fifth in 41:24, Shan Riggs of Southbury came in sixth in 42:25, Paul Doolan of Sandy Hook was seventh in 43:59, Jack Meade of Sandy Hook placed eighth in 44:25, Dillon Otten of Providence, R.I. was ninth, also finishing in 44:25, and Kristian Otten of Newtown placed tenth in 44:28. The top female finisher was Johanna Stroever of Caldwell, N.J., who was 11th in 45:13.

Female 5K division winners are as follows — 12 and under: Sierra Fan 23:42; Ages 13-19: Annabelle Foley 22:49; Ages 20-29: Danielle Vigneau 23:45; Ages 30-30: Lauren Tennenbaum 21:16; Ages 40-49: Justine Keenan 23:36; Ages 50-59: Nancy Ruhs 26:46; Ages 60-69: Nancy Linden 28:37; Ages 70-79: Darby Lewes 44:53.

Male 5K division winners — 12 and under: Joseph Keenan 22:50; Ages 13-19: Carson Uber 20:02; Ages 20-29: Camilo Barrera 20:15; Ages 30-39: Sergio DaCosta 19:55; Ages 40-49: Travis Fellone 20:53; Ages 50-59: Jason Kapell 22:11; Ages 60-69: Greg Branecky 24:29; Ages 70-79: Gary MacRae 42:58; Ages 80-99: Bill Smith 42:01.

Female 10K division winners — Ages 13-19: Kayla Murnick 1:01.38; Ages 20-29: Katerina Bruce 50:47; Ages 30-39: Lisa Sentementes 52:54; Ages 40-49: Laura Schmitt 56:55; Ages 50-59: Christine Vigneau 56:57; Ages 60-69: Frances Ashbolt 57:33.

Male 10K division winners — Ages 13-19: Jack Meade 44:25; Ages 20-29: Nicolas Stockwell 40:53; Ages 30-39: Paul Doolan 43:59; Ages 40-49: Shan Riggs 42:25; Ages 50-59: Peter Pazik 41:24; Ages 60-69: Mauel Lee 46:10.

The Rooster Run events had a nice turnout with 365 total entrants. This included two waves for the Little Chicks Dash, broken into two age groups. Rhys Lopes and Quinn Horowitz finished close together and led the 3-5 age group field and Melissa Delgato was the winner of the 6-8 race.

“To see the town come out is tremendous,” said Aaron Britton from the Newtown Parks and Recreation Commission. The Rooster Run benefits the Newtown Scholarship Association.

The Rooster Run had the following support: Title Sponsor: Hoekenga, Machado & Lyon, LLC; Platinum Sponsors: Around Town Real Estate, Pleasant Paws Pet Center, Mt Pleasant Hospital for Animals, PopUp Bagels; Gold Sponsors: Newtown Smile Dentistry, The Newtown Bee; Silver Sponsor: NewSylum Brewing Company; Bronze Sponsors: JF Campbell Consultants LLC, McKenney Mechanical Co, Inc, Newtown Center for Pediatrics, and World Champion Taekwondo.

Donations of food and services provided by: Reverie Brewing Company, Hilltop Kitchens, Dodgingtown Market and Deli, Super Fun Inflatables, The Newtown Bee, Culligan Water, and Lady Bug Photography.

Complete race results may be found on the Platt Systems timing website, plattsys.com.

Sports Editor Andy Hutchison can be reached at andyh@thebee.com.

Elizabeth and Stephen Fengler of Wallingford led the pack in the Rooster Run 5K race at Fairfield Hills on June 15. —Bee Photos, Hutchison
Ethan Correia runs the 10K course on his way to victory.
Curtis Shaw finished second in the 10K.
The Little Chicks Dash had two heats and these are the youngest runners, ages 3 to 5, making their first turn.
Rhys Lopes and Quinn Horowitz led the way in the youngest heat of the Little Chicks Dash.
Runners get started in the 6-8 Little Chicks Dash.
Melissa Delgato ran to first place in the 6-8 dash.
Kaitlyn Segreti finished third in the 5K.
Jake Gonski, who finished fourth in the 5K, is followed by Carson Uber and Sergio DaCosta.
Sergio DaCosta and Cody Gotthardt were among the top 5K finishers.
Runners take off at the start of the 5K race.
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