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Responding To A Disturbing Letter



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To the Editor:

I read Dr Rudy Magnan’s letter [The Newtown Bee, June 18, 2021, “Reeducating Our Children”] and found it to be disturbing on many levels.

To me, a black man, his letter effectively reads like this:

“We should teach our children about how great white people are. To do otherwise is not American and anyone that feels differently is engaged in some form of indoctrination.”

Dr Magnan apparently has no issue with the current American history curricula as established by the heavy machinations of the Daughters Of The Confederacy. I do.

Black history is American history. The “black” qualifier, however, often serves to prepare the listener to either pay attention to or ignore the information that follows. Incorporating critical race theory is more about nullifying the “feel good,” misleading, and substantively incorrect aspects of American history as classically taught. In a perfect world there would be no need for “Black History.”

This nation did not arrive at its current level of greatness via a smooth cruise down easy streets. The ride was rough, ugly, and is certainly unfinished.

I love and served this country, just as I love my children. I would never tell my children to trick themselves into believing that their current level of success came about in a manner that was other than the raw truth. They would be lying to themselves and consequently miss opportunities for future growth.

Thank you.

Konrad Karl Miller

72 Forest Drive, Sandy Hook June 25, 2021

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