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2011-12 School Year Ends



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2011-12 School Year Ends

By Eliza Hallabeck

Outside Sandy Hook School just before the last announcement for the 2011-12 academic year came across the school’s loudspeaker, buses were lined up outside.

Bright pink, red, green, and yellow streamers wafted from bus windows, proclaiming the last day of school, but Thursday, June 21, also brought the noted end of Newtown’s owner-operator system.

“It’s a sad day for Newtown,” one parent said entering the school with a group of fellow parents.

Then, Sandy Hook School Principal Dawn Hochsprung was announced over the loudspeaker, “Have a wonderful summer,” she said. “Make sure you stay safe, and always keep reading!”

With that, students were released, one loaded bus at a time.

Across the district students were released for the final day of school early for the scheduled half-day.

“See you next year!” one student said, extending her arm and waving toward Mrs Hochsprung, who had come outside of her school to wave goodbye to students. 

As Sandy Hook School students rounded the corner, many pointed and became excited by the streamers and, on some buses, writing.

As owner-operator Nancy Crofoot pulled up beside Sandy Hook School students clapped and cheered.

“That’s our bus!” one boy said, noting the colorful streamers flowing down from the bus’s mirrors and windows.

Owner-operator Carol Bradshaw’s bus was decorated with the words, “Thank you Newtown,” across one side on the windows. And on the entrance doors, writing said, “The best kids, enter here.” The back of the bus had “Goodbye” and a heart.

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