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Vote Out Those Subverting Liberty



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To the Editor:

The highest court in our nation has ruled against women. It has removed any modicum of protection a female has for authority over her body, and over her health, even life.

It has opened a pathway for states to enact laws that essentially establish the conditions of the Handmaid’s Tale ... rape, incest, the dominance of a political minority dogma over the most personal decisions of women. This has been made possible by a corrupt Supreme Court.

Yes, corrupt — packed with three Justices who were shoved through a spineless Congress, by a treasonous President and his Republican cabal. I hold McConnell responsible along with every GOP Senator who nodded yes to the corruption of an institution where justice should lodge.

Go to the polls this November! Wherever possible, support candidates who run against office holders, at state and federal level, whose agenda is to subvert civil liberty.

Polly Brody


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  1. qstorm says:

    The court removed a Federal mandated backstop for irresponsible behavior. Now the individual states will determine consequences – as the framers of the Constitution wanted.

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