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Planning Department Memo Addresses Bags, Banners, And Structures



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The Planning Department of Newtown has issued the following memo, June 30, 2020:

The State Plastic Bag Tax will be reinstated on July 1, 2020. In order to allow retailers time to utilize their stockpiles of plastic bags, the Newtown Plastic Bag Ordinance suspension is extended until August 1, 2020. The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection strongly encourages state residents to use reusable bags for shopping.

The following suspensions of Zoning Regulations started on 3/16/20 will remain in effect until further notice: The Newtown and Borough of Newtown Zoning Commissions are suspending the need for permits for temporary signage. “Temporary signage” will not include banners, and the purpose of these signs is to inform customers of how to order take out, changes in hours, access to the business, and other pertinent information. Maximum size of signs is 16 square feet.

Also, the installation of temporary structures and tables to facilitate the pickup of food and the outdoor display and sale of nonperishable merchandise is allowed. Temporary structures greater than 120 square feet and tents greater than 350 square feet will still require a building permit.

Temporary Outdoor Dining, permitted under the Governors Executive Order 7MM, also remains in effect until further notice.

Note: The suspension of the Newtown Plastic Bag Ordinance until August 1, 2020, means that Newtown stores will NOT collect $.10 per paper bag until August 1.

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