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Crop Circles And Comb Overs



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Crop Circles And Comb Overs

To the Editor:

Thank you Steve Bigham for your article in the June 22 issue alerting us to the mysterious crop circles which have appeared in our town. Your reporting, along with the fine dowser and compass work of Doug Rogers (US coordinator for the Centre for Crop Circle Studies), may have given Newtown sufficient time to prepare for the impending alien invasion. Or is it the Apocalypse itself? With his article in mind, I wonder why you chose to ignore another mysterious phenomenon. One far ore common and no less perplexing.

For some, as yet unexplained, reason a number of our townsmen have their own “mysterious swirls.” Not in their fields, but on their heads. These “crown circles” are odd swirls of hair around a growing patch of bare skin. The phenomena is accompanied by a drift of the parting of the hair from the top of the head, to the side and finally somewhere behind the ear. On occasion, this crown circle is camouflaged by what looks like the pelt of some month-old roadkill.

What is behind this strange behavior and why has not more attention been paid to it? Why has Mr Rogers not used his dowsing rod to investigate this? I’m certain that the scientific capabilities of the dowsing rod are equally effective with both crown and crop circles.

Inquiring minds want to know.


Dennis Gibbons

US Coordinator for the Center for Crown Circle Studies

31 Pocono Road, Newtown                                         June 26, 2001

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