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Sandy Hook School Honors Students With Perfect Attendance This Year



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Sandy Hook School Honors Students With Perfect Attendance This Year

By Larissa Lytwyn

On the last day of school, June 23, Sandy Hook school principal Donna Pagé honored each student who attained a perfect attendance record this year with a Certificate of Award. “It’s very important to come to school every day to learn,” she told the students.

“Sometimes, there are days when I feel so-so, and I go to school anyway and it actually makes me feel better,” she continued. “It gets my mind off [feeling ill].”

The following students achieved perfect attendance for the 2003-04 school year at Sandy Hook school:

Anne Annesley’s class: Kendal Ashby, Brandon Gregory, and Brandon Hensel.

Lisa Dievert’s class: Alexis Badick.

Sue Perry’s class: Alana Murray.

Janet Vollmer’s classes Anika Dholakia, Avery Highman, and Alexis Tucker.

Kris Feda’s class: William Decker and Kelly Coughlin.

Kristen Mattera’s class: Colton Smith.

Lynn Monohan’s class: Sarah Lynch.

Kristen Schierloh’s class: Andrew Braun, Jason Ferrari, and Luca Crudo.

Tim Napolitano’s class: Aileen Decker and Trevor Palmer.

Betty Roberson’s class: Tess Murray.

Kristen Snopkowski’s class: Tonya Tucker.

Gael Lynch’s class: Michael Long, Shawn Moavero, and Don Sun.

Carole MacInnes’s class: Christian Soderquist, Ryan Sholtes, Mary Joe Rossi, Robin Walker, Patrick Afriyie, Jess Fonovic, and Fredrik Dean.

Natalie Hammond’s class: Ryan Palmer, Jessica Gibbons, Lauren Frazzetta, Melanie Curtis, and Emily Anderson.

Amber Libby’s class: Tyler Gregory and Alexandria DeWolfe.

Courtney Martin’s class: Claire Bernson and Samuel Pliszka.

Kristin Santoro’s class: Sara Principi, Peter Davenport, and Elana Sadlon.

Amy Taylor’s class: Michelle Spanedda and Kiersten Lynch.

Ellen Buckley’s class: Tami Corsi and Lisa Ferrari.

Liza Eleoffe’s class: Travis Szalay and Megan Thomas.

Michelle Grefe’s class: Tejaswini Kishore and Jordan Hensel.

Carol Wexler’s class: James Russo.

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