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Oversight Lacking On Road Repairs



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To the Editor:

Is it me, or does it seem like the town has a poor system to fix pot holes? It seems like trucks are dispatched, fill is thrown off the back of the truck - sometimes hitting the actual hole - only a portion of the holes on the street are filled, and then the highway department claims the work has been done. Does anyone from management inspect the work? I have sent numerous requests with pictures showing work before and after to the town highway department claims they fixed the holes. It is not done well at all. If there was an inspection process performed, it would be quite evident that the system doesn't work. Just drive - or better yet, walk - Birch Hill, Great Hill after turning off of Taunton Hill Road, or any of the roads in the Taunton area and you will see first hand the poor workmanship.

I know the town recently approved a significant amount of money allocated to road repairs this year. If the money is going to be used for this type of workmanship and lack of management supervision, I say use the money somewhere else or just don't spend it. The Legislative Council and First Selectman should get a monthly report from the highway department and publish it, showing what roads were actually repaired and how much each repair costs.

Joseph Skrzypczak

3 Glenmor Drive, Newtown July 2, 2018

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