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Construction Note: ETH Parking Lot Temporary Change Of Exit



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Due to construction planned to take place at Edmond Town Hall, July 5-8, all visitors to the historic building at 45 Main Street will need to exit through the rear connector shared with Newtown Savings Bank. The bank's driveway will bring travelers back to Main Street, approximately 275 feet southeast of the Edmond Town Hall exit.The Newtown Bee on June 29.replace the building's original boiler with a modern, energy-efficient unit," the board said via a June 22 press release.

While contractors work to replace the former town hall building's original boiler next week - and the entrance to the building's rear lot, to the north of Edmond Town Hall, will remain open - exits will need to be done through the connector with Newtown Savings Bank.

The exit can be accessed from Edmond Town Hall's parking lot on the south rear side, near the trash dumpsters.

A pair of 1929 Bigelow two-pass steamship boilers are long overdue for replacement at Edmond Town Hall. During their nearly 80 years of service, the boilers have fired coal, oil and gas.

The ETH Board of Managers expect it will take just one day for the 5,000-gallon oil tank to be removed, but it will take additional time for sidewalks to be set back into place and affected soil to be confirmed as clean, Edmond Town Hall Operations Manager Sheila Torres told

"We apologize for this inconvenience as we work to

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