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The Big Picture

To the Editor:

We are at an intense time in the history of our nation. At the national level, the Supreme Court just upheld the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Comically, some people are now threatening to move to Canada over it. People are so silly. At the local level, we’ve had four rounds of budget voting, with No meaning No and Yes, while Yes means Yes and No. But that’s only for the maybe 20 percent of the registered voters that are actually voting. Let’s take a step back, though. You know, really look at the big picture.

We’ve polarized ourselves. It doesn’t matter if we’re on the left, right, or middle, if we’re Republicans, Democrats, Communists, or Anarchists, we’ve lost our ability to look past the binary of labels, and see that there is a whole spectrum to fall on. Thanks to this, there’s no longer a sense of being in the middle: you’re either left or you’re right, but either way, you’re on the extremes of both. It doesn’t matter what you actually believe about yourself, because someone that isn’t you will tell you “exactly” what you are.

We also have a problem of putting the cart before the horse, as it were. In letters to the editor, and at town meetings, you’ll hear a lot of “this is what we should do with the budget, this is how everyone should vote, and it’s the right thing for Newtown.” That’s great that you have a position and you’re willing to put it out there. But that’s the “right thing for Newtown” from your worldview. What about the other people who have a different take on it? Are they suddenly now completely wrong? And what happens when they get up and say how the exact opposite is right for Newtown, while supporting their statement as well? Maybe we should try listening to and respecting the point of view of other people, while trying to more accurately engage theirs, rather than belittling them and making this town so bitter towards each other. If the referendum, or any election, doesn’t go your way, try dusting yourself off, accepting the democratic decision made by the voters, and getting more involved next time. Don’t go blaming other people that voted, because they’re exercising their rights just as much as you are.

And really, if you have a problem with any of the councils in town, try to understand that they’re human too. Try to be a little bit nicer to our elected officials. If you could do such a better job than them, how about you throw your name on the ballot for the next election. Our motto is “Nicer in Newtown.” Let’s use our actions to back up our words.

Matt Cole

9 Scenic View Drive, Newtown                                           July 1, 2012

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