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A Helping Hand From A Longtime Friend



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To the Editor:

Having encountered a great deal of difficulty obtaining unemployment/pandemic assistance in New York state, I was urged to contact my elected representatives to bring their offices’ resources to bear on my situation by my great friend of 48 years, Connecticut Assemblyman Mitch Bolinsky (R-Conn, 106), who felt that my local elected officials should be able to help and serve me, as he helps and serves his constituents on a regular basis.

Mitch has become a template of sorts — a template for how to serve one’s community and the public, how to be elected (and re-elected) to office, how to reach across the aisle and party lines and work in a bipartisan manner to enact important, necessary, useful, and productive legislation, and finally, to continue to successfully and effectively help and serve the needs, issues, concerns, and interests of his constituency (which, by the way, is his only agenda). Keep doing the job that you’re doing, Mitch!

In addition, I wish to thank Assemblyman Robert J. Smullen, Congressman Anthony Brindisi of New York, and their respective staffs for helping me resolve the issues I dealt with.

Michael L. Waldmann

349 Mary Street, Frankfort, N.Y. July 1, 2020

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