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Obamacare Is Not Quality Healthcare



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To the Editor,

The USA is one of the few countries without universal health care. There is a way for the USA to have universal health care (often referred to as “Medicare for all”) — and also reduce our problem of wealth inequality. We can accomplish this by creating Social Security Universal Healthcare.

The main problem with wealth inequality is not that the wealthy make too much, but that the poor do not make enough to afford “quality” health insurance plans. Obamacare health care plans do not offer “quality” health care, plus there are still 30 million who do not have any health insurance coverage at all because they earn to much to qualify for Medicaid. Nor will public option plans being promoted by doctors and their organizations be the answer in solving our defective health care system.

Before I continue with this letter, it important that I state the wrong assumptions that Americans have about our form of government. The USA is not only a capitalist nation, we are a capitalist and socialist nation. We have Social Security, the VA, public schools and colleges, a government postal system, Medicare, Medicaid, etc. America would not survive without them.

We can use Social Security as a way to have every American have health care from the day they are born, and also at the same time help reduce our wealth inequality problem. To help pay for this program the USA would charge for having Social Security health care depending on the individual’s wealth. The rates would be set where over 90 percent of our country would [pay] nothing — it would mainly be paid by billionaires and multi-millionaires.

The health of the poor, and especially minorities, are the ones who have been mostly affected by our present health care system — they only see a doctor after they are sick. Social Security has been so successful for nearly a century, and Americans do not want to see it end. And sadly, our president still believes our present health care system with Obamacare can work.

Millions of Americans will not have “quality” health care coverage until the for-profit-only “one percenters” who own the health care, insurance, fossil fuel, cigarette, gun, and ammunition corporations end their control of our Congress, and influencing our presidents. Do we have to wait until we have new congressional leaders who realize this?

Paul Adinolfi

Sandy Hook

(Editor’s note: The United States Postal Service is an independent agency of the executive branch of the United States federal government.)

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