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Some Facts About ‘What’s Going On...’



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To the Editor,

On July 2nd, The Newtown Bee published a letter purporting to highlight “facts” related to “…what is going on in our United States” since President Biden has been in office. The writer omits facts about what occurred a mere two weeks before Biden’s inauguration … the former president supported and motivated the insurrectionists who attacked the Capitol on January 6 and, therefore, supports degrading our Constitution and our democracy.

The “facts” are but a regurgitation of lies and false accusations available to ALL on right-wing media outlets (i.e., FOX News and OAN), and websites (including Sandy Hook massacre denier Alex Jones). Repeating these lies and accusations over and over (a signature tactic of the former president) until believed as facts is now also a tactic of the right.

To respond, in detail, to each false issue in the aforementioned letter would be akin to accepting that these untruths are worthy of rebuttal. However, some clarification:

*The modern border crisis has been in existence for decades. A Muslim ban was proposed by the former administration, as was the separation of families and detention of children. In retrospect, the fear that caravans of armed immigrants were heading to the border looks like fear mongering. Currently, humane resolutions to the difficult border issues are being employed.

*The halting of pipeline projects helps to assure that our land, wildlife, and native cultures are not harmed or poisoned. The affected pipelines accommodate primarily foreign oil. The current gas “shortage,” as it exists, is due in a large extent to the current strong economy that increases demand, and a lack of tanker truck drivers nationwide.

*The USA is approaching a 70% vaccination rate, saving thousands of lives. To insinuate that Dr Fauci was part of a 2017 plan to implement a “surprise infection” is based on “FOX-ian” logic, and not worthy of comment here.

*Regarding Biden’s cognitive abilities and fitness to serve… Unlike the former president, he has never suggested that bleach might be injected into the bloodstream to combat COVID-19 and seems to have little problem walking down a ramp! Biden does not bloviate, and communicates in a manner appropriate with the office he holds. The country is headed in the right direction (pandemic and economy), as endorsed by a clear majority of Americans (per 7/6/21 Marist Poll).

*God is important to many people, and support of religions (Catholic, Jewish, Episcopal, Lutheran, Muslim, Protestant, Hindu, Methodist, and more) is important to believers. However, not all citizens are believers, and do not want to be forced to conform to ANY religious edict regarding how they live their lives.

The former president has many apparent moral flaws (i.e., confirmed extramarital affairs with porn stars, and more) yet enjoys large support among many evangelicals, for mostly political reasons.

At the conclusion of his speeches, Biden, who IS a man of God, and a practicing Catholic, typically says: “…God bless you all… and may God protect our troops!”


Richard A. English


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  1. qstorm says:

    Practicing Catholic? One word – abortion.

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