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Biden Had A Terrible Debate



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To the Editor:

President Biden had a terrible debate.

But remember the comedian Henny Youngman when his friend asked him, “How’s your wife?” He said, “Compared to what?”

Compared to thinking January 6 was a peaceful demonstration.

Compared to thinking everyone wants abortion decided by the states.

Compared to thinking MAGA didn’t chant “Jews will not replace me” in Charlottesville.

Compared to not committing to accept the results of a fair election.

Compared to allowing people to have machine guns.

Richard Eigen

Sandy Hook

A letter from Richard Eigen.
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  1. qstorm says:

    The world saw what they saw. It was terrible, sad and frightening.

  2. tomj says:

    Biden still hasn’t finished his debate, he is still “buffering”.

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