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Girl Scouts Earn Horse Riding Badges At Second Company Governor’s Horse Guard



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Girl Scouts Ari Boyle-Currier and Regan Grossman from Troop #50591 earned their horse riding badges at the Second Company Governor’s Horse Guard (2GHG) on June 22.

With the help of Private First Class Selena Carella, Sergeant Nadia Gluch, and Sergeant Lawrence Reinhardt, the scouts spent approximately two hours learning about the 2GHG’s history and its horses. The two started with a tour of the 2GHG premises, where Carella and Reinhardt explained the historical significance of the Horse Guard, which was chartered in 1808. It also included walking through an office that housed World War I and World War II uniforms, historical documents, and more.

To earn their badges, the scouts each completed a Girl Scouts checklist for horse riding and care. The steps included knowing the basics of riding, learning about horse care and safety, preparing for the ride, and practicing. Eventually, Boyle-Currier and Grossman took the horses, named Maverick and Roger, in laps around the field.

According to Boyle-Currier, both scouts had previous experience with horses including their least favorite part — cleaning up after the animals. Yet this did not stop them from being “excited for everything,” said Grossman.

Originally, the unit was formed to escort Connecticut’s governor. Today, the 2GHG participates in local events and public service, including assistance to groups such as the Girl Scouts.

Intern Claire Baranovic can be reached through editor@thebee.com.

Second Company Governor’s Horse Guard Sergeant Lawrence Reinhardt, left, Sergeant Nadia Gluch, second from right, and Private First Class Selena Carella, far right, assisted Girl Scouts Regan Grossman and Ari Boyle-Currier with obtaining their horse riding badges. —Bee Photos, Baranovic
Regan Grossman takes laps atop Roger with the help of Private First Class Selena Carella.
Ari Boyle-Currier takes Maverick around the field.
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