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Consistent, Deliberate Falsehoods



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To the Editor:

Our nightmare president and his henchmen in cabinet posts, as well as the GOP Senate, have consistently and deliberately disseminated falsehoods concerning this COVID pandemic. Their intention is to create confusion and divisiveness between the nation’s states, and within the general population. Their agenda is at every turn to increase the authority and power of Executive administration.

This president and his cabinet do not hesitate to use blackmail in order to enforce an executive agenda. Case in point: Betsy DeVos, the nation’s secretary of education, is backing Trump up in his threat to withhold federal funding from public schools that refuse to open due to the danger still present of virus surges that would occur among the children and their teaching staff... including bringing COVID into the families of those children!

This is an unprecedented executive usurpation of authority that has resided with our states and municipalities.

It is also the latest in a number of occasions where Trump has been allowed to steal funds (our tax dollars) from government agencies or departments to which Congress had assigned those funds.

When will this autocracy be stopped?

Polly Brody

Heritage Village, Southbury

Ms Brody is a former resident of Newtown.

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