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Police Reports | June 30-July 17, 2019



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Botsford Assault

Police report they responded to a complaint concerning an assault that had just occurred at a business complex at 5 Dusty Lane in Botsford at about 7:54 am on July 17.

The investigation indicated that Brewster Heatley, 50, of Newtown, had become involved in a verbal disagreement with a co-worker, after which Heatley repeatedly punched the adult male co-worker in the face.

Police arrested Heatley on a charge of third-degree assault. He was released for an arraignment on August 6 in Connecticut Superior Court in Danbury.

Mason Assaulted

Police report that at about 8:15 am on July 16, they were called to a Newtown residence where an assault had occurred.

After investigating the complaint, police charged resident Anthony P. Defonce, 58, with second-degree assault. Police said Defonce allegedly was dissatisfied with some masonry that had been done at his residence by an adult male mason and then struck the mason, causing physical injury.

Following arrest processing, police released Defonce on $5,000 bail for a July 30 arraignment on the charge in Connecticut Superior Court in Danbury.


Police report a collision involving two SUVs at the intersection of Barnabas Road and Tunnel Road in Hawleyville about 2:27 pm on July 13.

The accident involved motorist Michaele Brewer, 32, of Newtown, who was driving a 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee, and motorist Thomas Stickles, 67, of Newtown, who was driving a 2009 Lexus RX-350. There were no injuries. Brewer received a verbal warning for driving a vehicle with an obstructed windshield and also received an infraction for failure to drive to the right at an intersection.

Acts Of Vandalism

Police said they received reports that vandalism had occurred along South Main Street in the area between its intersections with Mile Hill Road and Main Street, between 11:30 pm on July 13 and 7 am on July 14.

Police said the damage included a chair being thrown through a window at Farmhouse Restaurant at 43 South Main Street, and two autos being vandalized at a property on Laurel Road, a residential side street which extends from South Main Street.

Police are investigating and ask anyone with knowledge of the vandalism to contact them at the police station at 203-426-5841.

BMW Collision

State police report a three-vehicle accident on eastbound Interstate 84, near the Exit 9 entrance ramp, about 1:26 pm on July 12, which involved a pickup truck, minivan, and SUV.

Amid stop-and-go traffic and congestion, a 2004 Honda Odyssey minivan driven by Saravanan Jayaraman, 46, of Sandy Hook, slowed for traffic conditions, after which the Honda was struck from behind by a 2015 BMW X-6 SUV driven by Stephanie Rodriguez, 39, of Waterbury. That impact pushed the Honda into the rear end of a 1997 Chevrolet C-1500 pickup truck driven by Benjamin Perry, 25, of Ansonia.

There were no injuries. State police issued Rodriguez and infraction for following too closely.

Hall/Hanover Crash

Police report a two-vehicle accident at the four-way intersection of Hanover Road and Hall Lane about 5:26 pm on July 12.

Motorist Elizabeth Foster, 70, of Newtown was driving a 1999 Toyota Land Cruiser SUV southward on Hanover Road as motorist Chunxia Huang, 49, of New York City was driving a 2017 Nissan Rogue SUV eastward on Hall Lane. The Nissan entered the intersection and collided with the Toyota.

The Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Corps transported Huang to Danbury Hospital. Police said Foster told them that she would seek a medical evaluation. Police issued Huang an infraction for a stop sign violation.

Four Charges

Police report that at about 6:17 pm on July 11, they stopped motorist Juan Quinonez, 29, of Shelton, on Berkshire Road, near its intersection with Wasserman Way, to investigate apparent traffic violations. A paper marker plate affixed to the rear of the vehicle that Quinonez was driving was found to be fraudulent.

Police charged Quinonez with driving an unregistered vehicle, improper use of marker plate, failure to have automotive insurance, and third-degree forgery. Quinonez was released on a written promise to appear in court on July 25 to answer the charges.


State police said on eastbound Interstate 84, near the Exit 9 entrance ramp, about 5:35 om on July 10, motorist Patricia McCartney, 57, of New Fairfield, who was driving a 2015 Volkswagen EOS auto, slowed for heavy traffic conditions and was then struck from behind by motorist Anne Lomperis, 57, of Montgomery Village, Md., who was driving a 2011 Toyota Yaris auto.

There were no injuries. Lomperis received an infraction for failure to drive a reasonable distance apart.

BMW Struck

On westbound Interstate 84, near Exit 9, about 8:40 am on July 9, motorist Denise De Fiebre, 54, of West Hartford, who was driving a 2018 BMW X-1 SUV in slow, heavy traffic, slowed and was then struck from behind by a vehicle driven by motorist Shilpa Madari, 34, of Cromwell, state police said.

There were no injuries. Madari received an infraction for following too closely.

South Main Crash

Police report a two-vehicle accident on South Main Street at its intersection with Mile Hill Road about 3:37 pm on June 30.

In that incident, motorist Thomas Durkin, 24, of Danbury, who was driving a 2008 Honda Accord northward on South Main Street, attempted to pass on the right northbound motorist Patrick Minogue, 53, of Monroe, who was driving a 2018 Subaru Crosstrek SUV. The Honda attempted that passing maneuver while it was in a designated right-turn lane, police said. In attempting to re-enter the northbound straight-ahead lane, the Honda collided with the Subaru.

The Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Corps medically evaluated at the scene a passenger in the Subaru. Police issued Durkin a misdemeanor summons for improper passing and for driving with a suspended license.

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