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Black Lives Matter Is Not Marxist



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To the Editor:

In her July 15 Letter to the Editor, District 1 Council Member Cathy Reiss stated that Black Lives Matter is a group focused on the Marxist transformation of America. This narrative is false.

Black Lives Matter is a movement of people who share a common language for raising the fortunes of Black lives to be equivalent to that of all other Americans.

Black Lives Matter is not Marxist. Race baiters and privilege deniers have recently circulated an old video of BLM founders referring to themselves as “trained Marxists” as evidence of BLM’s communist intent. You can read for yourselves the purpose of the organization on its website. There is no Marxist sentiment, ideology, or plans.

To refer to Black Lives Matter as Marxist, and by inference to the millions of people who support the cause, is a slander that plays to the deepest fears in American society. “It’s the commies and they’re here to destroy America.” It is pure propaganda of the basest sort.

Black Lives Matter exists to ensure that Black lives matter. It exists to change the societal and political dynamic that for too long has diminished, terrorized, and taken Black lives. It is a threat to the status quo, not a threat to the Republic.

For too long white Americans have been poor allies to the Black struggle. Too little progress has been made with too much focus placed on the manner in which activists protest. The manner of the protest continues to be a distraction claimed by those who seek to slow the pace of change. Do not be distracted.

Black Lives Matter seeks to achieve its objectives not by dismantling our American principles and structures but by striving to make them fair for all Americans. Black Lives Matter seeks to claim the privilege and promise all Americans should value.

Stephen Zakur

32 Lyrical Lane, Sandy Hook July 20, 2020

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  1. ryan knapp says:

    A vast majority of Americans agree with the sentiment that Black Lives Matter. Conflating that sentiment with the organization of the same name (BLM) is a tactic to dismiss legitimate discussion of said organization and its policies. The viral Don Lemon exchange with actor Terry Crews is a great example of this. Despite the author’s claims, BLM the organization and it’s chapters do openly seek to achieve some of its objectives “by dismantling our American principals and structures.”
    – Black lives do matter. Police brutality is abhorrent and we should always strive to see that everyone has the opportunity to realize the American Dream as MLK called for.
    – BLM the organization advocates to “disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure” when studies have shown the importance of fatherhood on raising children. (See Obama’s June 2008 speech on the importance of fatherhood)
    – In the name of this organization, equity advocates have pushed for equality of outcome over equality of opportunity; methods to achieve said outcomes are redistribution policies or biasing the structures towards outcomes based on group identity.
    – BLM the Organization has called for and supported extensive, and at times total, defunding the police, a policy not supported by many, myself included, who agree that Black lives do matter and recognize that low crime rates save lives.
    – Through chapters, BLM has advocated Far-Left policies in the name of racial justice. For example BLM DC openly dedicates itself to “the abolition of systems and institutions of white supremacy, capitalism, patriarchy and colonialism.”
    – BLM has partnered with groups to advocate Green New Deal policies in the name of “Climate Justice,” which includes policies that involve major government takeover of large parts of the economy.
    – In the name of the organization and with it’s local leadership, housing policies are being advocated that undermine local sovereignty and as I write this, “community character” is being recast as a dirty word in Hartford. I love Newtown’s rural character and believe in our Plan of Conservation and Development. Should 1%er developers (usually white) be able to cast that aside to further enrich themselves?
    – Citing BLM and broader Far-Left “Woke” culture, Cancel Culture has been used to bully and censor non-conforming views. (See Bari Weiss’ resignation letter from The New York Times)
    – While Lamont looked the other way and offered “no comment,” in NYC the Mayor has openly restricted the constitutionally protected exercise of the 1st Amendment for everyone… except protesters supporting this organization. As George Orwell wrote “some are more equal than others.”

    Just as I may consider myself a patriot, yet disagree with aspects of the Patriot Act, in the same respect we should be able to have open conversations about these policies without dismissing those who may disagree with specific policy choices as if they more broadly do not think Black lives matter.

    My comments are my own as an individual and not on behalf of the Legislative Council, or any other organization, of which I am a member.

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