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Reader Wants Clear Answers From Candidates



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To the Editor:

As we gear up for another voting season, it’s time to understand the views of the representatives we have in our CT legislature who are seeking re-election. I ask the two gentlemen representing Newtown in Hartford (Mitch Bolinsky and Tony Hwang) to publicly address the following questions:

1. Where do you stand on the steps Connecticut has taken to ensure women have access to critical reproductive healthcare?

2. Where do you stand on continuing to limit semi-automatic weapons in Connecticut?

3. Where do you stand on the work of the January 6th committee investigating all parties who tried to overturn an election through violence, lies and deceit?

4. Do you believe President Biden was fairly elected to his office of President of the United States?

I realize these are national issues, but it goes to the heart of the character and beliefs of the individual representing me and our town and knowing their positions is important to understanding how they will represent all of our interests.

Thank you,

Brian Hartgraves


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  1. steve says:

    Unfortunately we cannot expect straight answers from most of our Republican candidates. However, you can easily verify for example that Mitch Bolinsky voted AGAINST HB 5414, which passed and would make CT a sanctuary state for women seeking banned healthcare in other states.

    1. qstorm says:

      Don’t forget
      5) Where do you stand on 9% inflation?
      6) Where do you stand on gas prices near $5
      7) Where do you stand on surging crime and revolving door justice system?
      8) Where do you stand on the ‘all are welcome’ policy at the border?
      9) Finally, where do you stand on political kangaroo courts violating due process – one of our most fundamental rights?

      1. nb.john.voket says:

        The writer is asking for responses from State Sen Tony Hwang and State Rep Mitch Bolinsky. Two are relevant to our state and the other two are more related to national issues. As far as your additional questions, both these incumbent candidates for re-election have addressed #5, #6, and #7 in various reports published in The Newtown Bee over the past few months. Where state candidates stand on your #8 and #9 may be of interest to some, but are not within their purview as CT lawmakers.

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