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The poem “Fallen” was submitted by Sandy Hook resident Gary Winn, who said he was inspired to compose it in response to the recent passing of US Congressman John Lewis.

When a tall tree falls

there’s a requiem,

a call above the forest whirl.

Urgent scramblings for survival

cease for the moment, a pause —

the sudden intake of a breath.

Raised eyes trace shafts of sun

for what once filled the void

now full of cascading light.

But the source of comforting shade

is gone, that once shielded saplings,

and stood steadfast in the grove.

There is loneliness in that light.

Then, as the quiet begins to stir,

whispered reverent exhalation:

How tall he stood.

How gently his branches held us.

How grand the shadow that he cast.

Though he is gone, his glory ever lasts.

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