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Local Democrats, Republicans Announce Slates For November 2 Ballot



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UPDATE: This report was updated at 10:15 am on July 29 with new information from the Newtown Democratic Town Committee adding incumbent Board of Finance member Ned Simpson to the roster of candidates endorsed for the November 2 local ballot, and correcting the spelling of 2nd District Council candidate Robin Lynch.

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Town Republicans and Democrats in the know might look at the just-announced slates of candidates for this November’s local election ballot and liken them to moving a number of puzzle pieces around.

Some may also note the slates’ relativity few incumbents, and that a number of those incumbents will be running for offices other than the ones they currently hold, notably Board of Education Chair Michelle Embree Ku; Board of Finance Chair Keith Alexander and his finance board colleague Chris Gardener; and Selectman Jeff Capeci, all of whom are seeking seats on the Legislative Council.

In addition, Republican Town Clerk Debbie Aurelia Halstead will be challenged by Democratic council member Jordana Bloom.

The Democratic Town Committee conducted its nominating meeting on Tuesday, July 27, while the Republican Town Committee held a caucus at the same time. Both slates were reported to the town clerk’s office on July 28.

In August, candidates will be placed on the ballots for Election Day, with the order determined via lottery by the registrars. Election Day is November 2, with terms for those elected beginning on December 1.

The endorsed Republican slate includes:

Selectman: Ed Schierloh.

Legislative Council District 1: Angela Curi, Lisa Kessler, and William DeRosa.

Legislative Council District 2: Ryan Knapp (incumbent), Matthew Mihalcik, and Charles Gardner.

Legislative Council District 3: Philip Carroll (incumbent), Jeffrey Capeci, and Tom Long.

Town Clerk: Debbie Aurelia Halstead (incumbent).

Board of Finance: John Madzula Jr (incumbent), Geoffrey Dent, Steven Goodridge, and Chandravir Ahuja.

Board of Education: Janet Kuzma, Jennifer Larkin, and Donald Ramsey.

Police Commission: Scott Cicciari (incumbent) and Brian Budd.

Planning and Zoning Commission (full term): Roy Meadows (incumbent), and Gregory Rich (moving from alternate to full member).

Planning and Zoning Commission (to fill a vacancy for two years): Kersti Ferguson.

Planning and Zoning Commission alternates: Sue Goodridge and Carey Schierloh.

Zoning Board of Appeals: Rachel Rowan (moving from alternate to full member).

Zoning Board of Appeals Alternates: Tiffany Hawley and David Landau.

Board of Assessment Appeals (full term): Kadri Graffeo.

Board of Assessment Appeals (to fill a vacancy for two years): Scott Reiss.

Edmond Town Hall Board of Managers (full term): Marie Smith (incumbent).

Edmond Town Hall Board of Managers (to fill a vacancy for two years): Armel Kouassi.

The endorsed Democratic slate includes:

Board of Selectmen: Maureen Crick Owen (incumbent).

Legislative Council District 1: Chris Gardner, Peter Schwarz, and Laura Main.

Legislative Council District 2: Dan Honan (incumbent), Keith Alexander, and Robin Lynch.

Legislative Council District 3: Alison Plante (incumbent), Chris Smith (incumbent), and Michelle Embree Ku.

Town Clerk: Jordana Bloom.

Board of Finance: Ned Simpson (incumbent), John Fletcher, Kanwal Gulzar, Laura Miller, and Erica Sullivan.

Board of Education: Dan Cruson, Jr (incumbent), and Jennifer Padilla.

Police Commission: Philip Cruz.

Planning and Zoning Commission: Don Mitchell (incumbent) and Barbara Manville (incumbent).

Planning and Zoning Commission alternates: Andrew Marone (incumbent), and David Rosen (incumbent).

Zoning Board of Appeals: Alan Clavette (incumbent).

Zoning Board of Appeals alternates: Joe Bojonowski (incumbent) and Christina Paradis (incumbent).

Board of Assessment Appeals: Ed Randall (incumbent).

Edmond Town Hall Board of Managers: Betsy Paynter.

Reporter Jim Taylor can be reached at jim@thebee.com.

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  1. qstorm says:

    Let’s see how low we can drive the turnout. I’ll be doing my part.

  2. dennis brestovansky says:

    What is the value, merit or rationale behind trying to drive the turnout low?

  3. qstorm says:

    9% of eligible voters turned out for the last budget vote. Apparently a majority of the town does not care about how much money the town will spend. Should we care more than that for who actually gets to spends that money? (And I guess I must tag my comment ‘sarcasm’ to ensure it is properly interpreted.)

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