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Top Five NewtownBee.com Stories July 18 To 24



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Each week we compile a list of some of the most-read stories published at newtownbee.com. Here is a roundup of the week’s recent top stories, based on the number of page reads.

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“Business Buzz: Uncle Matt’s Bakery And Café Opens In Sandy Hook,” published July 19. The Newtown Bee’s latest installment of Business Buzz featured a look at Uncle Matt’s Bakery, located at 105 Church Hill Road, in Sandy Hook. Read more at newtownbee.com/07192021/uncle-matts-bakery-and-cafe-opens-in-sandy-hook.

“Rosenthal’s Re-Election Bid And New Party Affiliation, Crick Owen Democratic Running Mate,” by Jim Taylor, published July 16. First Selectman Dan Rosenthal and his two-term running mate, Selectman Maureen Crick Owen, will be seeking third terms this November. However, this run will see Rosenthal doing so not as a Democrat, but as a member of the Serve America Movement (SAM), which will require him to petition his name onto the local ballot. Crick Owen said she will retain her party affiliation and run as a Democrat. Read more at newtownbee.com/07162021/rosenthals-re-election-bid-and-new-party-affiliation-crick-owen-democrati.

“Church Hill Village Celebrates Couple’s Commitment Ceremony,” by Alissa Silber, published July 18. Church Hill Village hosted a special commitment ceremony in its dining room for two of its residents, Charlene Labrecque and Raymond Taylor, on Saturday, July 10. The couple’s family and friends, as well as staff members and fellow residents of Church Hill Village, were present to witness the happy couple recite their vows to one another. Read more at newtownbee.com/07182021/church-hill-village-celebrates-couples-commitment-ceremony.

“Lucky St Patrick’s Day Kitten Thriving After ‘Swimmer Syndrome’ Diagnosis,” by Alissa Silber, published July 20. When Robin A.F. Olson, president/founder of Kitten Associates in Sandy Hook, received word from a past adopter that there was a newborn kitten named Benny Brightwater with something wrong with his legs, she did not hesitate to get to the bottom of the quandary. Read more at newtownbee.com/07202021/lucky-st-patricks-day-kitten-thriving-after-swimmer-syndrome-diagnosis.

“Firefighters Empty, Remove Leaking 100-Gallon Propane Tank From Garage,” by Shannon Hicks, published July 23. Two Newtown fire companies and additional outside resources responded to assist a local homeowner last Thursday afternoon, after a 100-gallon propane tank began leaking inside a garage in northern Newtown. Read more at newtownbee.com/07232021/firefighters-empty-remove-leaking-100-gallon-propane-tank-from-garage.

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