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A Summer Of Cooking Thanks To Parks & Rec



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Newtown Parks & Recreation’s summer camp “Fresh and Fun Cooking” ended Friday, July 18, with an End of Cooking Camp Party.

Parents were invited to enjoy different food creations, including bruschetta, watermelon slushies, and other offerings made by their children.

Sharon Martovich, the camp’s instructor, said her students cooked six different things every day.

“We made homemade ice cream, strawberry mint tea, homemade pickles, burger buns, oven-baked churros, chicken skewers, buffalo chicken dip, granola, and more,” she said.

“My favorite part of the class was making the bruschetta!” said Ms Martovich’s daughter, Mia.

Ms Martovich has taught the cooking camp for 11 years.

“This year, the size of the class was small, but there have been 19 kids in previous years,” Ms Martovich said. 

Ms Martovich is also a certified nutritionist and personal chef.

“I like to keep it healthy,” she said. “I like to use fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables when I cook.”

“I love what I do,” said Ms Martovich. “Teaching kids to cook is not only fun, but helps with their creativity, gives them self-esteem and life skills.”

Students learned about teamwork, how to be patient, the names of different ingredients, and measurements during the camp.

“I love to share my passion of cooking with other people,” said Ms Martovich.

Sharon Martovich, fourth from left, posed for a picture with her students at the End of Cooking Camp Party held on Friday, July 18.
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