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Free Speech, Free To Pay By John Karlson



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To The Editor:

I wish to comment on Glen Swanson's letter "Is Speech Free in Town Parks?" dated July 25.

  1. Treadwell park is free of charge per Park and Rec.
  2. Pool passes are charged for resident and nonresident per Park and Rec.
  3. You are correct, nonresidents are charged $150 for the season. There is a daily charge for nonresidents per Park and Rec.

How does this limit free speech? You must pay to get into state parks and national parks.

Finally, I will be sending you my end-of-the-year tax bill. Let me know what you are going to pay - you said in your letter you would not mind paying additional taxes - so I can subtract from my check. Feel free to pay the total amount.

Thank you,

John Karlson

167 Great Quarter Road, Sandy Hook             August 1, 2016

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