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The Way We 'Should Be'



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To the Editor:The Newtown Bee participate in a lack of sensitivity and racism by publishing a picture featuring former NHS girls basketball players promoting their Christmas tournament in the "Way We Were 1982," July 20, 2018 publication. The fact we were referred to as the "Newtown Indians" still deserves the utmost scrutiny and repentance for those involved in this travesty. How insulting to Native Americans can they be?

It was quite disturbing to see

Ridiculous? You betcha.

Personally, I think Mr Manfredonia (former Newtown school principal), who took it upon himself to change the name from the "Newtown Indians" without our consent needs more counseling. Where is his outrage now? Sorry, it's still a sore subject. One individual dictates a decision affecting us all - really?

I say change the name back to the "Indians." Enough is enough with this PC stuff. We cannot sit idly by and allow a minority to change the values and beliefs which made this country great.

Though imperfect, I prefer to honor and respect the past.

Philip Palilla

16 Winding Brook Road, Newtown August 1, 2018

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