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Yearly Budget Process Is A Comedy Show



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To the Editor:

As we approach today’s tax deadline of August 1, I cannot help but recall the comedy show of the past several months of the yearly budget process that we endure every year. All the players at Town Hall patting themselves on the back and praising themselves that we “only” had a small tax increase. The selectmen showing grave concern for the taxpayers. The Board of Education doing their best to “only” have a 2.75 percent increase. How about everyone try something different? Instead of focusing on nonsensical issues like plastic shopping bags and non-existent fracking, focus on reducing spending, cutting the budget, and expanding the tax base so the tax burden is reduced for everyone. The town republicans should be ashamed of themselves for allowing Mr Rosenthal to run unopposed after another year of this ongoing joke.

This is remarkable. I would hope those Newtown residents who now are writing checks for thousands of dollars in taxes after this yearly fiasco ask themselves one simple question. What am I getting for my money? If you answer that question truthfully, there is only one answer. Nothing. We already pay for the honor of throwing out our trash at the transfer station. We have to purchase a pool pass to use the town pool.

To be fair, the first function of any government is to safeguard its citizens. So granted, we must have police and fire protection, and the roads need to be maintained and plowed in winter. But those services amount to no more than approximately 25 percent of the total budget. That leaves 75 percent wasted. I will gladly take my 75 percent tax refund right now.

Wake up, Newtown. Become involved in this process and pay attention to what your elected local representatives are doing. You have a choice to help stop this madness. They are sucking us dry on all levels and will continue to do so until we the voters make them stop.

Ernest Vitarbo

20 Turkey Hill Road, Newtown        August 1, 2019

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