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NHS Attendance Office Moves To Main Lobby



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NHS Attendance Office Moves To Main Lobby

By Susan Coney

The Newtown High School attendance office will be relocating to the front main lobby area this fall. Due to the continuing growth of the school, the current attendance office, which is located toward the back on the far side of the main office, will be housed in the spot where the school store is currently located.

“The real catalyst for the move is the hiring of an additional school psychologist. In the past few years we have also increased the number of guidance counselors and need additional space for those offices so they will continue to be grouped together,” said assistant principal Cathy Ostar.

The existing space for the school store will be broken into two portions, one housing the attendance office and the second for the school store. “We need to build a wall and cut a door. It will happen before school resumes in the fall,” continued Ms Ostar.

Elena Powers, who serves in a dual capacity at the high school as the attendance secretary and the SASI (school administration student information) building support person, thinks the relocation is a very good move. “When I started working in the attendance office ten years ago we were located in the main lobby. It makes perfect sense, it is the logical place for the attendance office. It is where the kids and their parents arrive. The school is continually growing. It is a good place for it,” she commented.

Ms Powers went on to say that the attendance office previously was used just for keeping track of student attendance. Today, however, the office is responsible for printing report cards, progress reports, attendance sheets, schedules, and teacher class lists. “It is a hub of activity. We are responsible for handling everything that comes out of the guidance department and any big mailings,” she added.

The school store will remain in the same location, but it will occupy a smaller space. It will continue to offer all of the items carried previously.

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