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DTC Hosts Rally For State Senate Candidate Tim Gavin



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Newtown’s Democratic Town Committee (DTC) hosted a candidate meet-and-greet at Dickinson Memorial Park on July 23 to highlight Tim Gavin and his campaign for the State Senate.

Gavin is the Democrat’s endorsed challenger to incumbent Republican Senator Tony Hwang.

Other guests included Democrats currently in office, or who are vying for elected seats this fall.

Attendees included US Senator Chris Murphy, Lt Governor Susan Bysiewicz, State Rep Sean Scanlon, Connecticut Attorney General William Tong, Stephanie Thomas, who is running for Secretary of the State, Erick Russell running for State Treasurer, and Phoebe Holmes running for the open 107th District seat.

According to the DTC website, “The 107th covers the northern part of Newtown, which was readjusted for this election.”

Despite sweltering temperatures, dozens of Newtown residents came out to talk one-on-one with the politicians and to hear what they had to say.

DTC Chair Rebekah Harriman welcomed everyone to the summer campaign kickoff, which was held under the park pavilion.

“In times like this, sometimes you can feel like there is no hope, but being around like-minded people who are ready to make a change, who are ready to work hard, and get the right people elected — that can make all the difference” she said.

When introducing Murphy, Harriman explained that the US senator has always been a friend to Newtown and just recently finished his 2022 Walk Across Connecticut.

“I’m grateful to be here on the precipice of an election that feels a bit existential for American democracy,” Murphy said. “I know everyone has been gripped watching these January 6 hearings, but what you are seeing is a big public service to the country in exposing what happened on that day. What you are also seeing is the curtain being pulled back on a party and a movement that is deciding in real time to give up on democracy.”

Murphy later emphasized it is a “tough” midterm year and he is appreciative for those supporting fellow Democrats, citing Holmes and Gavin.

Gavin started off his speech by sharing his background. He spoke about how he grew up in Connecticut and his parents were public school teachers.

He noted that he has always been service-minded and that resulted in him serving as an altar boy and Eagle Scout in his youth. In his college years at Yale University, he coordinated having college students work with local nonprofits.

“After graduating, I went into the Army and spent four years in active duty,” Gavin explained.

Upon transitioning into civilian life, the January 6 insurrection motivated him to roll up his sleeves and get involved politically.

“I think we should all be striving for more democracy, more inclusion … That’s why I’d like to bring a fresh perspective, one that sets out to include as many voices as possible. I think we can all agree that it’s going to take all of us to make change in the community, whether it is gun violence prevention or taking on the threat of climate change,” Gavin said.

He thanked everyone for coming out and showing their support.

Harriman concluded her remarks at the event by telling the crowd, “We are going to need all of your effort and all of your energy to get out and vote for August 9 and then again in November. We would love for you to march with us in the parade. We would love for you to door knock with us. We would love you to make phone calls and write post cards. There is plenty to do.”

For more information about the Newtown Democratic Town Committee, visit newtownctdemocrats.org. To learn more about Tim Gavin, visit gavinforctsenate.com.


Reporter Alissa Silber can be reached at alissa@thebee.com.

Democrats, from left, Erick Russell, Susan Bysiewicz, Phoebe Holmes, Captain Tim Gavin, and Stephanie Thomas gather at the Newtown Democratic Town Committee event at Dickinson Memorial Park on Saturday, July 23. —Bee Photos, Silber
Welcome tents were located near the Dickinson Memorial Park pavilion and multiple lawn signs were placed around the campaign rally.
Democratic candidates on the upcoming ballot spoke with attendees, including Erick Russell, center, who is running for State Treasurer.
Captain Tim Gavin spoke to Newtown residents during his campaign rally for the State Senate position, which was hosted by the Newtown Democratic Town Committee on July 23.
United States Senator Chris Murphy was the first special guest to speak at the Democratic Town Committee’s event on July 23.
State Secretary democratic candidate Stephanie Thomas was at the Newtown Democratic Town Committee campaign rally and encouraged people to vote.
Lieutenant Governor Susan Bysiewicz spoke about the accomplishments of democrats during her speech at Dickinson Memorial Park.
Phoebe Holmes, who is running for the State Representative seat in the 107th District, shared that she is passionate about the opportunity to be voted in from this upcoming election.
Erick Russell, who is running for State Treasurer, asks attendees for their support and vote during the upcoming election.
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