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What Kind Of Restaurant Does Newtown Need?



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One of the most popular Newtown Bee Weekly Question Facebook posts was created recently.

Questions are usually posted on our Facebook page on Wednesday afternoons. Answers are often collected and turned into a story for an upcoming issue of The Newtown Bee.

We had no idea how popular that July 14 question would be. Within one week, more than 300 responses were recorded after we asked: What kind of restaurant does Newtown need?

With numerous pizza restaurants covering this population, it was little surprise that adding another was not among the top suggestions. One reader even responded, in all caps, “NO MORE PIZZA!”

Most other types of cuisine were noted, however.

Foods readers would like to see better represented including Mexican, “a good Thai food place,” Peruvian, Middle Eastern, Indian, Vietnamese, Ethiopian, French, Irish, German, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Latin, Caribbean/South American, and Moroccan.

Among the general suggestions were fish and chips locations, “a chopped salad place where you can create your own by adding toppings,” noodle bars, a barbecue location, a soup shop, and even a steakhouse.

In addition to specific ethnicities and items, readers also responded with suggestions that menus offer selections based on dietary needs. Wendy Leon-Gambetta suggested more vegan options in the already existing restaurants. Kitty Cody Pilloise said she’d “love to see an organic/non GMO all natural deli type place with gluten free options and vegetarian/vegan options.”

Chick Fil-A, Wendy’s, Ruby Tuesdays, and Hooters were each mentioned, as was Shake Shack, Chopt Salad Co, and Mecha Noodles.

Readers lamented the loss of the Fireside Inn and, more recently, Panera and the Botsford Drive-In.

At least one person thought there are already enough eateries in town.

“There are already a lot. And plenty of options in surrounding towns,” Lexi Samuels offered. Noting “too much development” already taking place, she also suggested that anything new be “something that Newtown youth and teens can enjoy.

Another thought locations with drive-thru options would be beneficial.

“As a former employee of Spectrum, over 19 years, I often thought at least one fast food drive-thru would be a huge benefit for local workers for a lunch option,” said Laura Piepho.

Ashley Franco seconded the drive-thru suggestion, although she added the caveat “anything but McDonald’s.”

She would like to have something in town, she said, “a nice burger … I could just roll up to the window, smile on my face … kids in tow and have them finished by the time I pull back into the driveway.”

While not a restaurant, the suggestion of a Trader Joe’s in Newtown drew a lot of positive feedback.

Lawrence O’Toole made a good point, too, saying that if a new restaurant would mean another new construction, “then none. If not, then also none. We have plenty to choose from and support.”

One of the most popular Newtown Bee Facebook Questions to date was posted last month.
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