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Is Newtown's Housing Just For Richer Folks?



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To the Editor:

Reader comments in The Bee have made it clear that some Newtown residents not only consider future three-story condominium intrusions in their idyllic, bucolic lives, but also that affordable housing would be even worse than simple intrusions.

How nice it would be for municipal employees such as firefighters, policemen, infrastructure workers, etc. to live in the same community with the rest of us rather than travel uncomfortable distances to and from their homes every day. As larger families and longer lives increase our population, infrastructure and housing needs obviously increase, and it just isn’t nice to provide housing solely for richer folks, although that’s what this country keeps doing over and over again.

Should we send our elderly to live in institutions or on the streets? Moreover, the “elderly housing complex” described in one letter is neither massive nor egregious, and its attractive individual units are only one story “high.” This all sounds very much like the “poor sportsmanship and intolerance” – behavior described by another writer, to say nothing of the anti-semitism she also mentioned.

Betsy Ress Jacobson

179 Julia Court, Sandy Hook               August 3 2015

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