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Letters Of Endorsement

To the Editor:

I would like to urge all Newtown Republicans to vote in next Tuesday’s primary. For the office of judge of probate, I will cast my vote for Moira Rodgers. Moira is not only a friend of mine, but also an outstanding citizen of Newtown. As the Newtown’s current judge of probate, Moira serves our residents with judicial acumen, compassion, and deep human empathy. Her experience as a litigator in private practice has given her the business sense to run the Newtown Probate Court efficiently and in the black. Prior to becoming our judge of probate, Moira has served her community in many volunteer capacities, including the Hattertown Historic District and as a trustee to the C.H. Booth Library.

I am confident Moira exhibits all the necessary human skills needed to be a caring and effective probate judge. Attorneys I have spoken to have told me Moira’s is one of the best run probate courts they’ve had the pleasure to do business in. As the largest town in the district, Newtown has provided Moira with plenty experience in large and complex cases to be able to quickly adapt from serving Newtown to serving the entire district.

Finally we need Moira as judge of probate because we have a district comprised of four towns that have long enjoyed Republican judges. I think you can agree that we need to continue this tradition. Last fall, Moira won the open Newtown judgeship in a competitive three-way race in a landslide victory. This outcome did not surprise me. I saw the way she campaigned; the hard work of walking from door to door and her many cordial interactions with Newtowners. I had no doubt Moira would win. Similarly, I have no doubt Moira is the best qualified candidate to carry our district in November. Please join me in supporting Moira Rodgers for judge of probate on August 10.

Jeff Capeci

52 Bear Hills Road, Newtown                                     August 4, 2010

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