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Public Invited To Bid On Charity Auction Items To Benefit C.H. Booth Library



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Auctioneer Fairfield Auction invites Newtown and area community members to examine and bid on surplus items at the Newtown Library Fundraiser online auction, underway through Thursday, September 5, at tinyurl.com/chboothfundraiser.

All funds raised by the Newtown Library Fundraiser will benefit efforts to preserve the library’s valuable museum and archive collections, which include all the artifacts and furnishings left to the library by its benefactress, Mary Hawley, in the 1930s, plus hundreds more.

Library Director Douglas Lord pointed out that none of the significant items in terms of Newtown’s local history are part of the auction.

“As nice as they are, none of these items were created by a local craftsperson and none of it was held by the Hawley family,” he said of the lots that are being offered.

People can examine the 15 pieces online or in person. They are on view within the Hawley Gallery, located on the third floor of the library, 25 Main Street.

Library Board of Trustees President Amy Dent said the auction items are “a small fraction compared to the total collection.

“These particular pieces are simply surplus to the library’s needs,” Ms Dent continued. “The library has done an admirable job over the past few years in determining which items are culturally significant for Newtown.”

Art and History Subcommittee Chairman Ray Irrerra said, “This auction will not only free up much-needed space that the library can use to highlight other, significant pieces for the public, but also hopefully raise a little bit of money to help cover the costs associated with preserving and protecting the antiques, textiles, and hundreds of historic documents from Newtown’s past for which the library cares.”

Fairfield Auction, located in Monroe, is hosting the library fundraiser free of charge as a goodwill gesture. Prior to the auction going live, owner Jack DeStories spent time at the library helping to verify the provenance of each of the 15 items and, in many cases, further clarifying where each was manufactured.

“The library made it clear from the outset that the contents of the archive were off limits,” he said. “We’re glad to do this for the library, as it’s a great institution that obviously takes its role as caretaker of Newtown’s cultural heritage very seriously.”

Items include a Victorian walnut cylinder roll desk, a bronze figural lamp base, and a Victorian marble mantle clock.

Items are as-is, all sales are final, and there are no guarantees. Buyers must transport the items themselves, and bids are online only. All items must be paid for and picked up at the library between Friday, September 6, and Friday, September 13.

The library’s Reference Desk welcomes questions related to the auction; call 203-426-4533.

Cyrenius H. Booth Library was a gift of Newtown’s benefactress, Mary Elizabeth Hawley, and is named after her maternal grandfather. In addition to books, streaming media, and databases, the library provides areas for meetings as well as displays of art and historical artifacts of Newtown. The library meets community needs by connecting; convening; partnering; and serving as community hub and as a place to learn with one another with a mission to promote the joy of lifelong learning, stimulate curiosity, support the exchange of ideas, and provide a welcoming gathering place for our community.

This Windsor-style settee attributed to Wallace Nutting, circa 1930, is among the 15 items being auctioned by C.H. Booth Library to raise funds for the library’s museum and archive collections.  —Fairfield Auctions photo

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