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Wonder World Kids Author To Host Engaging Library Program



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Austria native Dori Marx has traveled the world learning about different countries and the animals that inhabit them. After moving to Newtown seven years ago, she began tapping into those experiences to create her first early chapter book series called Wonder World Kids.

Children ages 6 to 9 are invited to meet Ms Marx for a special author presentation and book signing on Saturday, August 17, from 2 to 2:45 pm, when she will be in the meeting room of C.H. Booth Library, 25 Main Street.

About The Series

A mother of three, Ms Marx knows a thing or two about the dynamics of siblings.

As a result, her children have helped inspire the main characters in the Wonder World Kid series — siblings Lilly, Fynn, and Celia. The characters, along with their parents, who are veterinarians, go on adventures where they must work together to help make a positive difference in the lives of animals.

“My husband and I are originally from Austria, and we’ve traveled a lot before and even with the kids,” she explained. “I really wanted to bring the world a little closer to the children.”

With that in mind, her books strive to give an authentic portrayal of what it is like to explore new cities. Each story also ties in an environmental issue that is currently affecting animals in those places.

“What’s a good way to relate to problems as a child?” Ms Marx asked. “Animals. Everyone can relate to animals in need.”

In her first book, The Mystery of the Dancing Horses, the story takes place in her hometown of Vienna, Austria, and educates readers about the famous Spanish Riding School’s Lipizzaner horses.

In The Case of the Lost Llamas, the second installment in the series, the characters travel to Peru to visit the ancient city of Machu Picchu in order to uncover why the llamas have gone missing.

“Another interesting part is that the books are illustrated by illustrators who live in the country,” Ms Marx said.

Every illustrator puts their own spin on how the characters look and has their own artistic style in showcasing the beauty of their country.

“I’m always excited, like a kid, to see what [the illustrators] come up with relating to their own city that they draw and how they bring it to their world,” she said.

Those attending Ms Marx’s upcoming author presentation at the library next weekend will get to learn firsthand how to draw just like the books’ illustrators.

“I have two very fun videos produced by my illustrators, who explain their process,” she said.

In addition to the drawing activity, Ms Marx will talk with the children about becoming an author, how to generate story ideas, and what the process is like to put those ideas to paper.

The library program will also include a special sneak peek reading of the first two chapters in Ms Marx’s third Wonder World Kids book, The Riddle of the Wild Dogs, scheduled to be released this September.

“I have more ideas in my head [for stories]. My dream is to continue the series,” Ms Marx said. “The next one is going to be revealed in the third book, because they always are good about revealing the next destination.”

To register for Ms Marx’s upcoming author visit and book signing at C.H. Booth Library, visit chboothlibrary.org or call 203-426-4533.

Those unable to attend the upcoming presentation can currently purchase Wonder World Kids books on Amazon and locally at The Toy Tree.

For more information about the Wonder World Kids series, visit wonderworldkids.com and facebook.com/wonderworldkidsbook.

Newtown resident and author Dori Marx holds her current releases, The Mystery of the Dancing Horses and The Case of the Lost Llamas, from the Wonder World Kids series. Ms Marx will be hosting an author presentation and book signing at C.H. Booth Library on Saturday afternoon, August 17. —Bee Photo, Silber
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