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To the Editor:

At last week’s Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas (more widely known as CPAC), and attended by Donald Trump, Senator Ted Cruz among other Republicans, two things stood out that should alarm all Americans.

First was the opening speaker, Viktor Orbán, the Hungarian Prime Minister who promoted white supremacist “replacement theory” and denounced a “mixed-race world,” the LGBTQ community, and abortion in a previous speech while visiting Romania. It appeared the Republicans in attendance were very much aligned with his fascist, white nationalist views in the most extreme sense of his ideology.

Second was an electronic banner over the stage that read, “We are all Domestic Terrorists.” This, apparently, was in response to the news coverage calling many participants of the January 6th mob that very label. I can only assume they are proud of the people who destroyed our nation’s capitol, threatened the elected officials working to certify a duly elected president and almost dismantled our democracy.

If the Republicans stay silent about these extreme ideologies, one can only assume they support and believe in them. I call on all elected officials and candidates to denounce these un-American tropes. In addition, I ask that everyone get out and vote for people who will support Americans regardless of religion, orientation, or wealth.

Our democracy is hanging in the balance, and I fear there isn’t much time.

Please! Get. Out. And. Vote!

Thank you,

Brian Hartgraves


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  1. qstorm says:

    Lots of ‘assume’ and we know what that means.

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