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Running For Legislative Council



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To the Editor:

My name is Alison Plante, and I’m pleased to announce that I’m running for the Legislative Council in District 3.

Though I’m a lifelong resident of the area (having grown up in Brookfield), my husband and I moved to Newtown nine years ago and knew we’d found a uniquely special community. Raising a young family here has only deepened my appreciation for Newtown. As I watch my oldest child excitedly count down the days until he starts kindergarten at Middle Gate this month, I feel increasingly invested in and responsible for ensuring that Newtown remains a fantastic place for children, families, and our broader community.

I believe I have the necessary skills to be a successful leader on the Legislative Council. I’ve spent my career working in corporate strategy and change management. This has taught me how to thoughtfully consider multiple solutions to complex problems, arrive at evidence-based decisions, and drive consensus and understanding around those decisions. My friends, family, and colleagues would say that I am practical and have good common sense, am a good, open-minded listener, and tend to be even-keeled and not easily rattled — these qualities will serve me well if I’m afforded the opportunity to serve on the Legislative Council.

I appreciate your consideration and look forward to meeting members of the community and sharing my ideas between now and November 5th.

Thank you,

Alison Plante

7 Winding Brook Road, Newtown August 13, 2019

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