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Running For Legislative Council



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To the Editor:

My name is Carol Walsh, and I am excited to be running for Legislative Council, District 3.

My family and I have been residents of Newtown since 2005, and we have grown to love the natural beauty of this area and the sense of community that living in Newtown has provided. As the mother of two teenagers currently enrolled in Newtown High, I want to teach my children the value of community involvement, and what better way to do this than to model that behavior myself. I recently retired from my position as Global Director of Research at a large multinational corporation in order to devote more time and energy to my family and volunteer work. Volunteering for the town I love seemed to be a natural fit.

I have previously served on the Newtown Board of Finance. That experience provided valuable insight on the budget process and sharpened my view on the need to make choices if we are to maintain Newtown’s reputation as a desirable and affordable place to live with great schools. Moreover, my 30 years of experience leading large cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary teams in a complex, global organization has given me the skills to listen (really listen) to different points of view, to challenge the status quo, and to get things done. We have been homeowners in Newtown since 2005; however, we actually lived in the UK for three years while I was on an international assignment. When we returned to our Newtown home, we found that the town had grown and were delighted with the new restaurants and other amenities that had sprung up in our absence. In the coming months and years, we will face many decisions on further development of our town. Those decisions will be crucial in defining the future of our community. That is why I have chosen to run for LC.

I hope you will consider me when you enter the voting booth on November 5. More importantly, I hope that you will VOTE on November 5. I look forward to meeting members of the community on the campaign trail. I am really interested in hearing your concerns and sharing ideas on how to make Newtown an even better place to live.

Carol Walsh, PhD

3 North Branch Road, Newtown August 21, 2019

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