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Lieberman Welcome At The Parade



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Lieberman Welcome

At The Parade

To the Editor:

For First Selectman Herb Rosenthal to infer that Senator Lieberman should not attend our Newtown Labor Day Parade does a disservice to the entire town which he represents. Joe Lieberman is a great patriot and equally important, a man of integrity who enjoys the respect and support of many Newtown voters, regardless of political party affiliation.

Mr Rosenthal should know by now that his own successful tenure as first selectman has been the result of his considerable ability to attract a majority of the town’s support including Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. Senator Lieberman is simply following the same logic by reaching out to all residents, despite pressures from out-of-state groups. That’s the kind of leader Connecticut has always relied upon, and that’s also the kind of leader who wins general elections. I am proud that he will be at our Labor Day Parade and I am certain that whomever he marches with, Newtown will give the Senator a very warm reception.


Joe Kearney

9 Daniels Hill Road, Newtown                                   August 29, 2006

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