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A New War Strategy Is Needed



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A New War Strategy Is Needed

To the Editor:

As a Democrat who supported the war in Afghanistan and Iraq I can’t help but answer the three letters in The Bee still supporting the President’s policy. Mr Alexander’s argument is I am a vet you are a traitor by tearing apart national unity, and Newtown supported the revolution 300 years ago. If there is any national unity it is against the war since we learned the truth about it and the revolution wasn’t 300 years ago and Newtown didn’t send delegates to support the resolution; the people here basically supported England as I read it.

Ms Meister’s argument is Cindy Sheehan is an air-head and the protestors at home lost Vietnam.

Cindy Sheehan isn’t the issue. The President’s policies are the issue. After we realized our mistakes in Vietnam, even though we won every battle, we came home, changed strategies, and beat communism.

Mr Gottmeier’s argument is the President knows the information so stand behind him.

No weapons of mass destruction, no one throwing flowers, Iraq’s oil can’t rebuild the country.

Even if we supported the war in the beginning, can’t we admit we were given bad information and try to think of a strategy to get us out with a new strategy to fight terrorists not insurgents, instead of calling people traitors, air-heads, and saying “My President right or wrong.”

Richard Eigan

J. Appleseed Drive, Sandy Hook                                                                                            August 29, 2005 

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