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Hunting Is The Best Solution To The Deer Problem



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Hunting Is The Best Solution To The Deer Problem

To the Editor:

Your article on the town’s deer problem and Dr Sholl’s recommendation of hunting as the major means of dealing with the problem was excellent. It merits serious consideration. Hunting is, in my opinion, the only workable approach that guarantees results. And I am not a hunter. But I do know some things about life in the wild.

There is one aspect of the situation that is seldom brought out. Maybe you think that killing animals by hunting them is simply wrong. Think your position through to what happens to the older, weakened animal. When feeding grounds are depleted and the animal does not have the strength and stamina to compete with the young and stronger, it becomes vulnerable to starvation and disease. It also then becomes easy prey for packs of wild dogs and coyotes. Those you do not want in your neighborhood. Can you guess what animals are next on their menu? You got it right, your pets and your small child. You certainly do not want packs of wild dogs and coyotes roaming in your town.

But consider also what else takes place when herds get overpopulated, habitats shrink, and the animals begin to die in numbers. Dying by starvation is cruel — more cruel than by gunshot. Death by gunshot is a lot quicker than slowly starving to death. But consider what happens to the dead animal. As the flesh rots, swarms of flies breed and maggots devour the carcass. This is simple biology. But is this what you want in the woods that your child plays in? Do you want to see vultures and hawks nesting in trees in your neighborhood?

Take Dr Sholl’s recommendations seriously and support controlled deer hunting this fall. Then we can better enjoy our shrubbery, gardens, and woods. Then too, fewer animals will suffer.


Paul G. Littlefield

4 Daniels Farm Road, Trumbull                                  August 28, 2005

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