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Working Together For Sandy Hook



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Working Together For Sandy Hook

To the Editor:

I read with interest the concerns of the residents of Washington Avenue regarding the proposed re-zoning to allow multiuse in the area. Your worries are valid, and need to be taken into consideration when taking this very important proposal forward.

As a business owner located in Sandy Hook, I applaud any revitalization to the center of the village. The improvements made by Michael Burton and Mike Porco have created a welcome atmosphere and attracted more people to Sandy Hook center to shop, dine, or just enjoy walking and looking at the views of the Pootatuck River.

As president of the Chamber of Commerce of Newtown, I am encouraged that more small businesses may open — expanding the tax base and providing opportunities for jobs. Including the Washington Avenue area in this modification will only enhance the value of the residences, and bring more attention to the historical significance of many of the buildings. Newtown has the reputation of being tough on zoning — ask any builder. I think that the decisionmakers will not allow this potentially attractive asset to the Sandy Hook “Streetscape” plan to become commercially ugly. The Village of Sandy Hook has great potential, but only if we all work together to support the residents as well as the commercial investors.

A thoughtful and respectful plan for the “gentrification” of the Washington Avenue area would be a step in the right direction. I hope that the town and the residents will come to terms on this important change.


Pat Linnell – Linnell Real Estate

1 Riverside Road, Sandy Hook                                  August 30, 2005

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