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Disappointment At Senator’s Response



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To the Editor:

CT newspapers have widely reported that Republican leadership were aware back in the April/May timeframe of video evidence of their candidate for Connecticut’s 2nd House district engaging in domestic violence. They failed to report this information to the authorities and instead pushed forward with an endorsement for this candidate. This story has been published and reported upon regularly for the past week.

[Senator] Tony Hwang prides himself in saying that he believes in “Common Sense” government. Common sense tells me that my state senator should be demanding the Republican CT State Party Chairman J.R. Romano and Vice Chairwoman Sue Hatfield resign. My state senator should be leading the charge for an extensive inquiry to this disgraceful situation. My state senator should be apoplectic about the actions of his own party. Instead, Tony released a carefully worded and brief response which did not call out his Republican leadership by name, did not call for any specific disciplinary actions for these individuals, and did not suggest the need for any further investigation into this abhorrent behavior. His timid response leads me to believe that his support for violence against women is voiced only when it is convenient.

We need leadership that will speak up, take action, and demand accountability. We need the leadership of Michelle McCabe. Michelle will stand beside women who have suffered from domestic violence and find solutions that invest in their future. Michelle will not be afraid to take a stand even if it means challenging her own party. Michelle’s actions will back up her beliefs. We need Michelle in Hartford to hold people accountable and to give her constituents the peace of mind that she will always invest her voice and effort doing the right thing.

Betsy Elrick

11 Littlebrook Road, Fairfield September 1, 2020

Editor’s note: See Sen Hwang’s statement at https://eastoncourier.news/2020/08/18/hwang-speaks-out-on-2nd-district-gop-candidate-and-state-party-leadership.

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