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Bus Safety Days Prepare Kindergarteners Across The District



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Bus Safety Days Prepare Kindergarteners Across The District

By Eliza Hallabeck

The week before school began, kindergarten students at each of Newtown’s public elementary schools were treated to a special preview of what riding the school bus will be like.

At Sandy Hook Elementary School students were brought to the school by bus on Thursday, August 26, and taken inside to meet their teacher and see their classroom.

Hawley Elementary School kindergarteners attended their first bus ride on Friday, August 27, and were also taken inside the school to meet their teachers and visit their classroom.

Both Middle Gate Elementary School and Head O’ Meadow Elementary School kindergarteners rode the school bus for the first time on Tuesday, August 31, the day before school began in the district.

Each of the school’s treated their new students with bus safety tips, along with the introduction to what to expect in school.

Hawley students in Donna Albano and Marilyn Aylward’s kindergarten classes combined into one classroom to watch, Pooh’s Great School Bus Adventure, a video of Winnie The Pooh and friends learning school bus safety rules.

Students learned to keep their feet in front of their bus seat when sitting, not to eat or drink while riding the bus, not to shout while on the bus, not to shove or push when getting off the bus, and more.

“Safety is a must,” the students learned from a song on the video, “whenever you ride the bus.”

Knowing how to cross the street once off the bus is also important, as the students learned from the video. Students should remember to step away from the bus and wheels and walk eight steps away, make sure the bus driver can see them, and never walk behind the bus.

After the video was shown, students shared what they learned from watching it.

“You have to be careful when you are riding the bus,” said Kaylee.

“You have to have your hand on the hand railing when you get on and off the bus,” said Xavier.

At each of the schools the morning and afternoon kindergarten classes attended their first bus rides separate from each other.

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