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The Labor Day Parade: Our Annual Masterpiece



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The Labor Day Parade intends to honor Newtown’s artists on Monday, marching this year to the theme of “Celebrating the Fine Art of Newtown — Honoring SCAN.” SCAN, of course, is the Society of Creative Arts of Newtown, which has applied a rich palette of artistry to the community canvas since it was founded in 1971, thanks to its engaged and motivated membership. Ruth Newquist, one of the society’s most notable talents, is serving as parade marshal this year.

It is easy to view Newtown’s famous summer’s-end parade as artwork in its own right, much like the Tibetan sand mandalas that are painstakingly created and then quickly swept away to evoke the impermanence of an ever-changing world. Newtown’s mandala-of-a-parade assembles itself, sweeps around the center of town, and disburses in a few hours on a Monday morning, capturing ever-so-briefly a portrait-in-passing of the town as it quickly moves on to what it is becoming — a selfie of epic proportions.

While people annually applaud this parade for its traditions and long line of reminders that the heartbeat of this community is as quick and steady as a Nighthawk’s drum, over the years it has drawn to Newtown notable bands, performers, politicians, and various celebrated causes, which have enriched the spectacle. We learn about ourselves at the parade, and we learn a bit about the world around us as well. New this year: the acclaimed Native American flutist Chief Joseph FireCrow. Back by popular demand: the Sons of Portugal Band, this year’s Pioneers and Legends Award winner. (See the full Parade Line of March here.)

The 54th Annual Labor Day Parade begins at 10 am at the top of Main Street and concludes some memorable hours later in front of the judges grandstand on Queen Street. And don’t forget that the Labor Day Parade Fair will be underway throughout the morning and early afternoon on the grounds of the Newtown Middle School. Come be part of the festivities and celebrate the art of Newtown by enjoying the parade — our community’s annual masterpiece.

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