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7th Annual Reed Rally Is September 9



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7th Annual Reed Rally Is September 9

Reed Intermediate School and Chartwells School Dining Services, the school district’s food provider, will host the 7th Annual Reed Rally at the school Wednesday, September 9, from 5 pm until 7 pm for incoming students at the school.

From 5 pm until 6 pm families and students will have time to eat their own picnic meal with new classmates, and from 6 pm until 7 pm, they will rotate through different wellness stations.

At one wellness station there will be two parts that will have Chartwells’ Reed Cafeteria Manager and Chef Scott Kanzow, who will offer samples of fresh vegetables with low-fat dip; and Chartwells’ Resident Dietitian, Jill Patterson, RD, who will present a slide show featuring Environments, an age specific customized school dining program that holds an emphasis on healthy foods and high quality meals, and play a game on how to compose a balanced, nutritious meal in the cafeteria.

Chartwells’ cafeteria staff will also attend Reed Rally to help encourage students to eat as many fruits and vegetables as they wish with their school meals.

“By offering samples of vegetables at the rally, we’re hoping students who may not have taken vegetables in the cafeteria will try them at the event because it’s a different environment,” said Jill Patterson, RD, Chartwells’ resident dietitian at Newtown Schools. “Our hope is that students realize they enjoy certain vegetables and will choose to take more of them with their school meals.”

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